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A Jurgens Auto Villa Mk1, coachbuilt in Witwatersrand in 1975 on a VW Transporter chassis-cab. 1800 flat four air-cooled .
Van body: Ally on African hardwood, with later repairs to frame in Beech. Re-wiring (part) by Panks of Norwich. Messed about with by Hall & Sundry.
Kit includes washroom, sink & fresh water tank, cooker, Fuchs Electrolux dual power 'fridge, cupboards & a BIG bunk. Also eccentric dining table with habit of collapsing onto diners knees.

  The Jergens Logo Swapped or so it's rumored after a chance meeting between first owner and gent from Southampton, on hols in Portugal. Imported for "R" reg. Subsequently lived with a chap from Chelmsford, then Mervin "Mr Beetle" Young in Norwich. Then us.
  Repairs -  See Repair Pix for horrible timberwork. Plus seals, mechanical maintenance & what not. Vehicle contains an unbelievable archive of Finnegan's Manufactory Produce; deposits of Waxoyl from the earlest eras known to science up to the present day may be found on excavation. Also a Living Museum of Resin Fillers.
Still, unbelievably, has quantities of original paint on chassis.
And many "interesting period features"
Engine pretty well replaced with remanufactured parts in 2013.

  Has come to grief on numerous occasions - tried the 7' bridge at Sainsburys .. van is 7'1"
... then some Git jemmied the o/s front quarterlight at Cambridge Folk Festival - took five years to finish the repair, due to replacement assemblies being roughly as common as hen's teeth (first attempt by a garage was described as "very rusty" = mostly fresh air. Took a week to undo the further damage - lost the repair cost to a total rogue ("you want a REFUND - !!!! !?????? effin sue me then") {exit one repairer. I asked my insurance engineer about the self-styled "Local VW Specialist", - personal opinion was that he was a well-known robber, I should have avoided the place like the plague and why didn't I try Keith, who was equally local, a really good bloke and also came recommended by another mate of mine. Keith retired & recommended Rob, who is pretty well responsible for keeping the old girl running} -

Blew No 1 plug clean out in a field at Alcester, 2012. Top Hat only worked sort of, so engine was totally refurbed in 2013 - now runs like the new one it mostly is.
  On the same theme, I wish to say sorry to the lady from Manuden whose door I met in a car park. Did Already bid a long, wistful goodbye to 3 years NCD ..... but that was a long long time ago ....... Ruf has somewhat limited rearward vision. Could do with fitting a sensor some time.

Yes - Jergens supplied their own washroom mugs!
..... And sorry, too, to anyone still in shock after the emergency stop at Coggeshall. (Vehicle behaves like a galloping camel having a sudden and catastrophic stroke in mid-stride). Other than that, it's a treat to drive - and a tad faster than most bays & splitties owing to the bigger engine.
  Historically there was an Ebersbacher heater - took it out when it stopped working in order to repair & refurbish it. Ten years on, it's still in the carrier bag awaiting attention.
 As manufactured, heat transfers via heat exchangers to the cab, via a pipe underneath. In summer, therefore, the hot air is enhanced by the warm tarmac below. Clacks & valves have felt seals which don't quite seal, so it's toasty warm on a hot day.
In winter, air from the rear is freeze-dried by the time it reaches half way down the vehicle. At the driver's seat, it's kinda fresh & bracing ....

Heating is now modified VW - Rob, with his flair for solutions, installed custom - built pipery a couple of years ago, so some warm air does now reach the front on a cold day.